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Get a handle on your transcription costs!

G&L has provided Transcription and digital recording services for the medical and legal industry for over 14 years.

In today's healthcare industry outsourcing has become the most efficient and cost effective tool to manage many of the services required for complete medical care. G&L Transcription, Inc., has over 20 years of experience and expertise to meet the needs of providers throughout the United States. Our clients are served 24 hours/day, 7 days/week with state-of-the art digital dictating systems and Handheld Digital recording upload capabilities.

Our online medical records portal, customized macro structure and advanced template creation will reduce your overhead and other administrative costs.

G&L Transcription, Inc. believes that our constant commitment to quality, technology and keeping abreast of the changing role in the partnership in the health information industry can assist our clients optimizing patient care and the computerized patient medical report. This commitment is a benefit to our clients, transcriptionists and your company.

All our employees not only have an entry confidentiality form which is required to be signed upon beginning with us, but also sign an exit form which further stresses confidentiality and resulting liability from breaches. Our transcriptionists must attend security briefings and informative technological advances in our industry. G&L is 100% HIPAA compliant

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